Why I started mountaineering?

People often ask me why am I so attracted to nature and  rock climbing?

Well I guess it all started 6-7 years ago.

I had come home after playing when my mom excitedly came to me and told me “Tomorrow morning 7 am we need to reach Sanjay Gandhi National Park(sgnp). We are going for rock climbing with Somit.” ROCK CLIMBING?? What’s that a 9 year old me thought. I had been to sgnp three to four times before but never for “rock climbing”. Rock climbing was a alien word for me back then. But I was anyways very excited because my mom used to talk about Somit Uncle a lot & told me about his adventures so I knew that whatever was gonna happen would be cool and fun.

So I got up at 6 in the morning, got ready & packed my bag and left for sgnp. We reached there at 7 and I saw a group of 6 people standing near the gate waiting for us. I could recognize Somit Uncle who was smiling and lovingly welcoming us.

We walked 7 km to reach the rock climbing area. I was too tired to do anything after that 7 km walk so we ate some “kacchi kairies” from the local sellers up there. Then Somit Uncle told us what all exercises we should do before climbing and instructed us how to climb. Then I was told to climb and I was pretty excited and at the same time a bit nervous as it was my first time on the rocks. Somit Uncle was standing right behind me for support. At first it was easy but as I reached a little higher all the holds and pinch holes were disappearing. I didn’t know what to do. I was scared of falling. I wanted to go down. But Somit Uncle didn’t let me. He told me to climb and told me nothing would happen to me.


He told me that that day and still tells me that when I get afraid and I’m not able to climb.

Yes. Somehow yes I managed to climb that 20ft Boulder that day. The feeling of my first climb was inexpressible!

Many girls that age like to play barbie games and watch movies, etc but that day the happiness I felt being in nature, doing such adventures was just too amazing! I realized that only a few people get to live their life like this- being in nature, surrounded by such inspiring people & doing such adventures! The day I realized this there was no turning back!

And this is how my journey with nature & adventures started…!